Beadwork and binge-watching go hand in hand

My husband and I have had some marathon TV sessions over the last couple of days, catching up on season 2 of Netflix's Ozark and giving Hulu's Light as a Feather a shot. We still have a couple of episodes of Light as a Feather to go, and I'm really enjoying it. It puts me in a Halloween kind of mood.

While we're watching, I've been beading. So far, I've made one and a half pairs of feather earrings, and I can't be sure, but I think I might be getting a little faster at it. Or maybe it just seems that way because binge watching seems to make the time go faster.

Once I get the second pair of earrings completely finished, I will list them and a couple of bracelets in my Etsy store in hopes of getting a few holiday sales. Fingers crossed.

Do you binge watch while beading? What shows do you like?

Just two pairs of earrings, but a success nevertheless

Two pairs. That’s the answer to the question I asked myself last week, “How many beaded earrings can I make before Saturday?”

That’s only half the pairs I’d hoped to make, but I’m not complaining. To reach my goal, I would’ve had to bead twice as quickly, and beading fast leaves me with nothing but tangled string and little patience.

I made both pairs in the feather shape I’ve used several times before. I had hoped to come up with a new pattern, but, in the interest of getting earrings made in a hurry — I don’t come up with new ideas quickly at all — I stuck with what I know. I just used colors I hadn’t before. One set was pink and white, the other gold and black.

But guess what? Both pairs sold at the festival last weekend! Yay!

I wish I’d taken photos so I could include them here.

I am encouraged by the speed at which they sold, so even though I’ve been trying to come up with a fresh idea, I think I’ll make more of the same earrings. Then I’ll list them at my Etsy store, Beadwo…

How many beaded earrings can I make before Saturday?

How many pairs of earrings can I make before Saturday? That's the question I'm going to try to answer in the next couple of days.
I've been focused on bracelets for months, but I'm shifting gears. Today, I was talking with an aunt who also does beadwork, and she sells a lot of it. I asked her what sells the best; she said earrings.
With that in mind and with an arts and crafts festival coming up Saturday, I'm going to see how many pairs I can churn out this week, then see if they sell. If they do, I may try to make even more for the holiday season to sell in my Etsy store, Beadwork and Woodwinds.

New and improved peyote-stitch bracelets: Now with fewer beads

I don't have a whole lot to write about this week. I'm still just making some peyote stitch bracelets in a diamond-back pattern, though I realized too late that the last two I made were too big for most women's wrist.

This morning while I was in the shower, I had an idea for a way I could salvage one of the bracelets by adding places for it to "clasp," which would essentially make it adjustable. I was so proud of myself ... and then I thought about how that would when it was done. The unused clasps would be smooshed underneath the band. That would look just awful.
So I started making another bracelet, and this time, I'm going to stop stitching at 6.5 inches.
Perhaps some large-wristed woman will take an interest in the one I completed. Or maybe a small-wristed man will take an interest in it. Or maybe I'll just take it apart and start again.

A beaded lanyard for my reading glasses and a bracelet

I've had a productive past couple of days. I finished a bracelet that I've had "in progress" since about May, and I created a lanyard for my reading glasses. I also started a second bracelet.

The lanyard is just for me. I've been wanting one for a while now to make accessing my reading glasses easier. But the black and blue bracelet ... well, I can't decide if I want to list it at my Etsy store. See that small bend in it? That won't be noticeable to someone wearing it, but if a buyer doesn't notice it from any photos I put on Etsy and bought it, would she feel cheated when it arrives in the mail? I don't think it would bother me, but I don't know how someone else might feel.

Anyone want to share their thoughts?
Reworking this bead blog In the coming weeks, I plan to revamp this blog some so that it's a little more navigable. I also had some thoughts on beading videos I can do. Please feel free as I tweak the site to let me know what chang…

I’ll roll with Etsy’s fee hike — for now at least

What little time I’ve had for beading over the past couple of months I’ve spent doing other things, like going to the gym and reading the latest Stephen King novel, “The Outsider.”

Thankfully, I now have a temporary reprieve, and I plan to spend it doing some of the beading-related tasks that I’ve had on the back burner — like making a lanyard for my reading glasses and doing a little research to see if I want to move my Etsy store to another platform after its recent fee hikes.

But in the meantime, I’m sticking with Etsy. The best thing it has going for it is that it’s well established, but I’m still not happy with the decision to start taking a percentage of shipping charges. Ultimately, I may decide not to switch platforms at all, depending on what I find out there.

For now, I'll just roll with it. I've even expanded what I have for sale there by two, because I’ve listed the pumpkin earrings I made and the set my sister made last year.

Etsy increases its fees, so I'm on the hunt for a new platform

I have sold only one item on Etsy, but the upcoming fee increase still frustrates me.

According to the notice Etsy sent me, as of July 16, transaction fees will jump from 1.5 percent and will be imposed on shipping costs. The shipping cost thing bothers me the mos
t. I'm struggling to build up my listings, hoping what I do have listed might sell in the meantime, so I want to cut people a break on the cost of shipping. I do charge, but only the estimated postage amount. If Etsy were to take 5 percent of that, I'd be losing money on shipping. My options would be to raise my asking price or take the hit.

A friend who makes and sells makeup bags told me that someone she knows had told her about another platform that charges a flat $10 a month, charges no listing fees and takes nothing from what users sell. That sounds a lot more about my speed as I'm trying to get my "craft store" up and running. I could spend $10 a month for a year just to try the platform out, the…