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Deer Skin Project - Again

I'd like to make a wallet out of deer skin. For quite some time, I've had an idea of how I'd like for it all to come together, so one day last week, I made a pattern on my computer, printed it out, pinned it to the deer skin and cut the shape. Immediately afterward, I began second-guessing my idea. What if, I thought, because of the thickness of the fabric, I have to take more for the seams than I had planned? What if the edges look bad? What if my needles won't go through the fabric?
All of those "what ifs" spawned offshoots of my original idea, leaving me sitting there, holding the deer skin and wishing I could make up my mind. In short order, my deer skin project grinded to a halt once again.
I am determined, though, to make some headway over the next week.