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Beading, binges and being more productive

Do you binge-watch while working on crafts?

I do. I’ve watched whole seasons of Netflix shows “Orange is the New Black” and “Bloodline” as I plotted out a bracelet or stitched together a pair of earrings.

But do you know what makes watching TV while working on a project tough? It's the back and forth between watching what you're doing and keeping your eye on the TV screen enough that you don't miss some key detail.

Perhaps that's why most projects I work on seem to take far, far longer than I estimate. For instance, just one of the feather earrings I've done will take two hours. That's not one set of earrings, that's just one earring.

So, I think I'm going to test whether the TV is too much of a distraction.

A few months ago, I checked out an audio book from the public library so that I'd have something besides music to listen to while I painted the walls in our master bathroom. I loved it. It was fun to have a story play out in my imagination while…