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The Whole "Sorted" Affair

Sometime around when my daughter started walking, she pulled one of my bead boxes off of the kitchen table, and this was the result.
At first, I figured it was too much sorting work, so I decided to dig out the colors I wanted as needed. But this has been bugging the part of me that craves organization. Every time I've needed beads out of this box for a project, I've had stifle the urge to sort them before I begin working.
With no project deadlines for a couple of months, though, I decided that before I do anything else, I'm going to get these sorted. So, I put all the beads into a bowl, and whenever I'm watching TV, I'll start picking them back up with a beaders needle then slide them back into their respective sections.
So far, I'm about half-way through. Maybe by this time next week, I'll have this mess all cleaned up.