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Speed beading? I wish

Scrolling back through my earlier blogposts, I see I've been working on my three-row daisy chain bracelet for almost two months, and I'm just now starting to feel like the end is in sight. I haven't had much time, but I've been beading a couple of rows every night. If only I could bead a little faster.

Here's what it looks like now:

Just another three or four rows, and it will finally reach 7.5 inches in length.
I haven't decided yet whether I want to list it on my Etsy site. I'll need a second opinion before I make up my mind; while I like the way it looks overall, I'm not sure it would appeal to most people, and I worry that the string is a little more visible than I'd like for it to be. I don't know if I'm being too critical. Is it really all that noticeable to other people, or is it noticeable to me?
I need to ask someone whom I know will give me an honest answer and not just give me the answer they think I want to hear.
That's on my…

New beading supplies and a new find

A few weeks ago, I went to a Joann Fabric and Craft store for the first time in years, and I found these two items:

On the left are some connectors for making eyeglass lanyards, which have recently made my to-do list. One of my aunts used to make them, and back then, I used to think, "I just don't see why anyone would want that." However, now that I need reading glasses myself and realize how often a person has to put them on and take them off, I can see just how practical eyeglass lanyards can be.

On the right are some clasps I found on clearance. I'm not sure how they work, or even if they work, since I haven't opened the package yet, but hey, they were on sale.

On my to-try list is this item I found while flipping through a Fire Mountain Gems catalog that came in the mail, Tuesday:

I am intrigued by this. I can't wear earrings for more than a day because they always irritate my ear lobes. But if this works as promised, I could wear my own earring creations…

Bead photography: Extreme closeups might not be the answer

I want detail in my beadwork photos. If I take a photo of a bracelet, I want to be able to get a very sharp image of the clasp, any designs, etc., but I just don't seem to be able to get it. Perhaps, I've thought to myself, what I need to do is get closer while using the macro setting on my camera.
Here's how most of my beadwork photography sessions go. I place the beadwork under my bright light and try to find a good place to stand to get the photo.I set the camera to "macro."I move in, then focus. I'm still a little too far back.I move in some more and focus again. I'd still like to get closer to better show the detail of the seed beads.I move in some more. I'm finally happy with the distance, but now the shadow of my camera is in frame.I move the light source, but I struggle to find a place I can put it that doesn't cast a deep shadow on the side of the beadwork.I move back as much as necessary to get the shadow out of view, focus, and shoot th…

Slow progress for me, but my sister shows off her skills

As often happens, I've only been able to work on beadwork a little here and there over the past couple of weeks. I have completed nothing, not even the three-row daisy chain bracelet I started a few weeks ago. I've made progress, but it's still not long enough to wrap an adult-sized wrist.

But I am hoping that I'll be able to make some major progress in the coming weeks. I spent two whole days ridding my daughter's room of unwanted toys and outgrown clothes, and now I feel a little more like I can kick back and relax.

New to my Etsy Store My older sister, whom I still look up to after all these years, created these, which have been added to my Etsy shop:

I think they're so adorable. It's just a shame that I cannot wear earrings without getting an infection in my ear lobe. I'd love to get a pair of them.