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My old journal and a charcoal pencil

Ten years ago, I took an introductory drawing class with the idea of being able to use the skills later at my job, which called for me to occasionally create a graphic or illustration. I really enjoyed the class, and I learned a lot about creating depth and perspective with shadows.

I did some drawing in the months that followed, but eventually, my drawing journal wound up in a drawer amid my craft supplies, and there it's sat for the past eight or nine years.

Until this past weekend, that is.

An itch to draw again has been following me around over the past few months. I'll see a lamp post or desk or flowers in a vase, and think, "How would I draw that? What would I need to do to show the light? How could I show the reflection on the side?" etc.

So on Saturday, I took out my journal, grabbed a charcoal pencil, and attempted to draw my daughter from a photo.

I learned two things as I sketched: (1) At the time I drew the stuff that was already in my journal, I was way …

"Pendant Necklaces" full of projects on my "to-try" list

While I mostly work in seed beads, I'm looking forward to giving the projects inside "Pendant Necklaces" a try.

The book, a Leisure Arts Publication by Jerilyn Clements, Nancy Javier and Barbara Finwall, was another birthday gift from my in-laws. I love the look of every necklace it features and the fact that the book includes some instructions on using polymer clay. I've never tried polymer clay, but it's a medium I've long considered adding to my craft stash. Maybe the Dragonfly project will be what will give me the courage to finally give polymer a try.

For now, I'm going to put the book aside while I try out a project from "Elegant Beaded Bags," but this one is next on my list. Some of the projects look so simple, but they still have a lot of "wow." I'm hoping the book will help jump-start my own creativity, which I feel has been a little stagnant lately.

I'll update later with a full review once I've done more than fl…

"Elegant Beaded Bags" by Sonja Hood

My in-laws sent me a few new beading books for my birthday last month, and I cannot wait to try them out.

The first one I want to try out is "Elegant Beaded Bags" by Sonja Hood because features crochet beading, which I've toyed with a time or two, and bags, which I love. (Seriously, I've signed up for magazines I didn't really want just to get a free bag with it.)

Each project in the book falls into the "easy" category, which makes it perfect for a bead-crochet novice like myself. I can crochet, but the only crochet projects I've ever completed were blankets. From the first time I saw a bead-crochet bracelet, I've wanted to make one, but for some reason, I find it intimidating. Hopefully, this will be the book that gets me past the skittish stage.
I'll update with a craft book review once I have a chance to try it out.