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Visions of silver-plated beads

It’s been another slow beading week as I work on an unrelated freelance project, but I’ve had a few ideas hanging out in my brain.

I’ve had plans to use these tubes in a bracelet that incorporates seed bead squares between the tubes:

Because I haven’t had time to focus on beadwork while I’m at home, I found myself thinking of variations of the original plan as I was driving to pick up my daughter a couple of days ago, such as arrows instead of squares, or maybe even stringing the tubes onto a loom and beading around them. I'm just not sure what type of clasps to use.

Hopefully it looks good when it’s complete.

Just gotta finish the freelance project so that I can get back to beading.

Deconstruction days, part II

Last week, I was taking apart one of my daisy-chain bracelets. This week, I'm reworking it into a three-row daisy-chain.

That's how I've been spending the last 20 minutes each night before I go to bed, working on this bracelet. After I had already deconstructed its predecessor, I remembered that I had it for sale at my Etsy shop, so I deactivated the listing.
My sister noticed and sent me a text: "Did you sell your bracelet?"
"No, I just deactivated it because I took the bracelet apart."
"Oh, well," she answered. "It was in someone's cart for about three days. I was hoping you'd sold it."
I about fell over. I had no idea it was in someone's cart.
Odds art, the person who had it in his/her cart wasn't going to buy it anyway, not after it had been sitting in the cart for three days, but I'm still a little bummed I didn't notice it was in someone's cart before I took it apart. Maybe it would've eventuall…