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Stretchy Versus Nonstretchy

These are the wooden beads I bought a few weeks ago at Dollar Tree. When I got them, I had planned to make some more stretchy kids bracelets, but I've been having second thoughts lately. Because they're made of wood, I think they might look more cohesive with a natural cord versus the elastic string I had planned to use. Perhaps I'll try them both ways to see which works best.

Down to the Clasp

After what seems like forever, I'm finally down to just putting the clasp on the blue herringbone bracelet I've been working on. With everything that's been going on lately in my personal life, I haven't had much beading time.

On Sunday, I had the chance to bead during my lunch break at work, but I decided to get some exercise instead. I walked a mile and a half, and it felt good. I need to find a way, though, to have time for beading and exercise.