Deer Me

I have an idea for a wallet using deerskin I bought several years ago off of eBay. So far, I've done little except for research the best ways to work with deerskin and practice stitching the beads. What I've learned:

  • I need sharper scissors. My regular pair is fine for cutting Nymo thread, monofilament, beading wire and other stringing material, but making a straight line on deerskin with them is tough.
  • A needle tough enough to go through deerskin yet still thin enough to fit through 11/0 seed beads is hard to find -- in my supply stash anyway.
  • Searching the Internet for "how to sew deerskin" brings up a lot of finished deerskin products for sale but very little info on how to do the sewing; therefore, this project is going to be more "figure it out as I go" than anything I've done to date.
I hope to have my first wallet by the end of this next week. I hope once it's finished, it looks as good as it does right now in my mind.

A Little Housekeeping

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to be fine-tuning past posts on this blog. Some posts may be removed, while others may be combined to streamline the blog some. Categories and labels also may be removed or renamed. I doubt anything that's deleted will be missed by readers, but just in case, I thought I'd mention the changes.

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