Another pair of feather earrings ... and a new camera

My latest project is another pair of feather earrings. I really like this pattern, but I'd like to create another one that doesn't look so simplistic.

Feather earrings in progress.

I've seen some gorgeous ones on Etsy (like these), and I just think, "Wow! Maybe one day I'll be that creative, too."

In the meantime, I've been playing with my new toy -- a Kodak PixPro camera. After six or seven years of solid service, my old camera was on its last leg. My husband, who takes photos of the comic books and action figures, et al, that he sells on eBay, said the old camera still works fine for him, so now its his, and I've moved on.

I had a lot of fun testing the new camera's macro function as I took the shot above. I still could use a lot of practice with it, but new toys are always fun.

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