Ladder Stitch -- Method 1

This tutorial creates a single row of beads; however, depending on the style of bead and the stringing material you use, you can create a ladder with beads two, three, four, five or more beads wide.

If you're stringing material is wire, no needles are needed. However, if you are using nymo thread, silamide thread or any other material with a threadlike flexibility, you'll need two needles, one for each end of thread.

1. Slide two beads to the center of your string.

 2. Position the beads so that their barrels are side by side and one end of string exits through the top of each bead.

3. Thread the end of the string on your left down through the top of the bead on your right.

4. Pull the end of string all the way through. One bead should now be tied to the other, with both ends of string exiting a single bead on opposite sides.

5. Add a new bead onto either end of string, and slide the bead all the way down to the other two.

6. Pick up the other end of string, and thread it down through the new bead.

7. Pull the string all the way through.

8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 until the chain of beads reaches the length you want.

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