Sitting Comfortably

Until the past month or so, it had been a while since I had made much time for beadwork. I love doing it, but finding a comfortable place to sit while I work can be kind of tough.

A little over a year ago, my workplace of choice was on the floor with my work on the coffee table. We have since put away the coffee table, though, and it's not likely to reappear, especially now that we have another person in the house who will be learning to walk soon. (We have a small house, and to make a room for my daughter, I've moved my home office out into the living room.) Well, I usually had about one hour of comfort as I sat on the floor; after that, my fanny would start to hurt something awful.

These days, I sit on the sofa or on my office chair and work from a small table. After a while, this becomes uncomfortable, too, because I have to lean over my work more. Are there any adjustable work tables out there? I just might have to go looking for one.

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