Cutting Back the Wish List

I have a long list of things I'd like to get done within the next couple of weeks, hence, my plan to have a beading marathon yesterday. I've shelled out money for an arts & crafts booth at an upcoming festival, and I'd like to feature my beadwork there. I hold no fantasies about selling even enough to get back the $75 I spent to reserve the booth, but I'd like to at least have enough in stock that it would be possible. The hope on this money-losing venture is more to build a customer base.

However, seeing how I have hardly made a dent in the list of things I'd like to take, I'm cutting the list.

I had planned:

  • 25 kids rings
  • 25 kids bracelets
  • 10 adult bracelets
  • 10 adult necklaces
  • 10 adult earrings
  • 5 wall hangings
  • 5 small baskets

I'm trimming that to:

  • 10 kids rings
  • 10 kids bracelets
  • 5 adult bracelets
  • 3 adult necklaces
  • 3 wall hangings

Hopefully, that will be enough that people won't just pass by my table because it looks like I don't have anything.

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