The "Hunger" Distraction

For months, the book "The Hunger Games," by Suzanne Collins has shown up as a "Recommended for (Me)" item on I used to read a lot of fiction, but that kind of ground to a halt when I learned I was pregnant. My reading preferences then became "What to Expect When You're Expecting," and books like it.

With the recent release of the film version of "The Hunger Games," though, I decided to see what the fuss was all about, so borrowed a copy of the book and started reading it a few weeks ago.

On Saturday, I had big plans for getting some beadwork done, but I was close enough to the end of the book that I really, really wanted to finish. My desire to read won out, so I spent two hours curled up on the couch with the story until I finished, then I spent the rest of the day doing chores. So, no beadwork got done that day.

I have, however, completed another child's stretchy bracelet since then. This one also is in a checkerboard pattern, but I began another that has more of a diamond pattern on it. I hope to have at least 10 by this coming Saturday. If I do, I'd like to put them in my Etsy store, which has sat empty since I opened shop three years ago.

But I did pick up the second installment of "The Hunger Games" series, so that might be kind of tough.

Fingers crossed.

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