Hard-Working Nephew

My 11-year-old nephew tagged along with me to the arts and crafts festival, toting 32 kids bracelets he made himself. They were single-strand and stretchy, and looked pretty good. He sold a total of four. I wish he had done better, because it would've been nice for him to get a little more payoff for the time he put into them (then again, I put in more time in the stuff I took, paid $75 for the booth and walked away with only $22), but maybe next time. Hopefully, he's not too discouraged to keep at it, because he was a little disappointed he didn't sell more.

The clock is ticking on how long he'll be interested in beading: He went to watch the OKC Thunder play a few months ago, and after he got back, he was showing me the photos he had taken. He had more of the cheerleaders than the players.

I wish I had taken photos of his bracelets. They looked pretty good, good enough to draw the eye of four children.

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