Bracelet Update

Yet again, I've made only marginal progress on my latest project. My baby girl was sick recently, and the first day she was sick -- last Tuesday -- she spent the bulk of the day sleeping. I got quite a bit done that day, hence the progress I made last week.

However, on Wednesday and Thursday, she spent most of the day wanting to be held. She still slept more than usual, but not enough for me to drag out my beading table. I've done one more row over last week. That's it.

I did find a way to take my beading with me to work, though. As I mentioned in my May 30 post, I had taken the bracelet to work but spent most of my lunch trying to unravel the thread. Since then, I've carried it with me, but rather than just dumping it all in my bag, I wrap it around a rolled up sheet of paper towel, just as if it were on a spool, then I fold the paper in half, leaving the beadwork on the outside. So far, it's held up to being hauled back and forth. Yay!

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