While on My Lunch Break ...

I'm thinking about attending another arts and crafts festival very soon, even though I still don't have a whole lot of stuff to show. The good news is that booths for this event are free, unlike the last one that cost $75. Getting there won't be cheap, and I'm sure to dine out at least once that day, so to even break even, I probably need to sell about $25 worth.

So, I need to get some work done, and quickly. I'm still working on my rose-colored bracelet, even though I don't think I've had the chance to work on it even one time in the past week. In fact, I'm still far enough away on finishing it that I figured it wouldn't be ready for the upcoming festival. Instead, I decided to see how much kids stuff I could whip out between now and then. When I headed off to work Tuesday, I packed my lunch and a bunch of beads. This is what I made on my lunch hour:

Now, if only I could make another five or six of those before the festival.

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