"Beadwork Creates Bracelets"

"Beadwork Creates Bracelets"
edited by Jean Campbell

I have a lot of reasons for liking this book. I bought this book fairly early in my beading hobby, and it showed me that a clasp doesn't have to be a premade finding. Of course, I've seen tons of examples since then of people using beads and string to create their own clasps, but at the time, it was news to me.

On the subject of clasps, this book also showed me snap-lock clasps, something I'd love to try but I haven't found at any of the online bead stores I frequent. Perhaps I need to expand my search.

Every project in this book is something I would personally wear, so they all are my style. I don't think I can say that about any other book or magazine I've ever picked up. (Not that other projects aren't cool or stylish; they just don't match my own.)

This book has a mix of projects made with string and with wire, another bonus. I'd considered trying wire projects myself, but just haven't made the time to do so.

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