Give Me a D

When I first started beading, I used wider needles than I do now. Quite often, the string I had would work just fine until I had to pass the string through a bead a second time or third time. The thick string I had in combination with the thickness of the needle would just kind of get the bead stuck right at the eye.

Since then, I've become a big fan of wide-eye needles (example here) and have amassed quite a pile of thin string in sizes 00, 0 and B.

Well, since the time I bought all of that string, I've found that yes, it passes through the thinnest of barrels quite nicely, but it isn't very strong. I started to notice that most seed-bead projects in Bead & Button and other magazines I've purchased recommend D-size thread. I have a few spools of that, but the 00, 0 and B sizes far outnumber the D.

Just last night, I got a little tired of making several extra passes through a bead with the thin threads to make up for their lack of strength and I put in an order at Fusions Beads. Now that I've made the order, I'm anxious to get it. Hopefully it doesn't take too long.

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