Odds and Ends

Blogging Break

I took a break from blogging yesterday. My husband, my daughter and I all went on an hourlong drive, had lunch in another town, visited a comic book shop (my husband's hobby), then headed back home.

Not too long ago, the city we visited had a bead shop, but it has since gone out of business, which is too bad. I never had a chance to visit it while it was there because the only days I had off were days the store was closed. I really shouldn't spend money on beads right now anyway, but I still like to browse.

Speaking of Browsing

My favorite brick-and-mortar bead shops are ones that have finished work on display. I've been to a few that are just beads, that's it. In my favorite stores, I like to see work other people have done to be inspired by how they've put different colors and textures together.


Forgoing Tutorial Monday

I've changed my mind about doing a tutorial every Monday. I'll still do them, just not that often. Doing the graphics takes a lot of time, and finding a block of time in which I can get that done on a weekly basis just isn't easy. Maybe I can go back to doing them once a week once my daughter is a little older.

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