On To The Next Phase

I finally got the right-angle weave bracelet I've been working on as wide as I'd like for it to be, and I've started on the clasp. Here's the work in progress.

I'm a little nervous about clipping the strings from the places where I've had to add thread. Once before, when I was working on this bracelet:

I wound up clipping an edge thread, too, causing the bracelet to pull apart in the middle. I was able to stitch it back together, of course, but it didn't seem as smooth. I guess if I were smart, I wouldn't wait until the whole thing is complete to clip my spare strings. That way, it would be easier to fix as I go if I do accidentally get too much or clip a string that's holding the piece together. However, I always feel like the transition is stronger if I get a row or so away from the work.

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