Beaders With a Common Goal

I've been a member of Spark People -- a site that offers free diet plans and support for dieters -- for a few years now and have used its diet tips and food-tracking tool off and on.

The other day, I popped in, feeling yet another spurt of resolve to get my weight under control, and decided not only to record my weight but also to check in with my teams -- groups to which I belong in which the members have a common interest or characteristic -- for the first time since I joined them. One of my teams is a writing team, another for other members older than 40, and two teams are made of up fellow beading enthusiasts.

One of the beading teams seems to be defunct, with few posts in about a year. The other seems like it's sporadically active, but it's nice to see what other people think and are working on. My goal is to partake more in the Spark People community. Perhaps doing so will help me with my goals, both on the scale and with my beads.

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