Odds and Ends

Darn, I missed it!

A bead convention comes to town every June, and each year, I look forward to going. It's never very big, but it's a chance to see what others are making and pick up some beads that I don't see at my usual shops. The organizers had sent me a flyer about when it would be, but I never made note of it. Just yesterday morning I realized it had come and gone, and I didn't even notice.

Working lunch

I spent my lunch hour Wednesday beading again. I've kind of put the green bracelet aside to work on the black one, and I think I've reached the halfway point. I think I'm probably going to take apart the green one and start again; I have a different idea about what I'd like to do with those beads and I don't have enough to make two. Maybe if the black one turns out well, I can sell it on Etsy, buy more green beads and make both ideas.

"In August" doesn't mean August 1, apparently

As I mentioned Tuesday, Fusion Beads is revamping its site. Along with my most recent order, I had a note that said the new site would debut "in August," which I took to mean as soon as August begins. However, I went to the site yesterday. Either the changes made were so minute I can't tell what they are or the new site hasn't been launched yet. I'm betting on the latter. I'm still eagerly awaiting the new site.

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