Then Versus Now

Back when I first started beading, I spent a lot of hours in front of the TV as I worked on projects. These days, pulling a tray table full of beads in front of me as I watch TV is just too risky. My little girl is just far too curious. She's either reaching for stuff on the table or trying to crawl under it to get to me.

As I've mentioned before, I've started taking my beadwork to work with me so that I can work on it during my lunch hour, and I've really been enjoying it. Rather than watching a movie or TV show like I used to, these days I switch on my iPod and listen to podcasts. Doing this has given me an added, unexpected benefit. I used to feel very restless when I had lunch in the breakroom. I'd often go shopping for part of the hour. It would feel more like a break if I got out of the building. But these days, I don't mind the breakroom so much. It's relaxing to work on my beads and just listen to stuff I enjoy. I only wish I could have two hours for lunch.

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