A Basket Book

Rather than profile a bead book, I thought I'd review another favorite craft book of mine. It's called, "A Basketmaker's Odyssey: Over, Under, Around & Through" by Lyn Syler.

I've owned this book for quite a few years. I love the variety of baskets it features. Syler shows the basics of weaving for novices and offers complex patterns that combine techniques for more skilled basket makers.

Another bonus: The projects the book contains also use a variety of materials, including flat reeds and round reeds. Some projects even combine the two. One of my favorites baskets is made out of dried pine cone needles.

Side note: As of this post, it looks like this book may be out of print. The link to Amazon.com above shows only two copies available, both from external sellers and both rather pricey (the used copy is $68; the new is $723.) For any readers who are interested in the book, I recommend checking with your local library to see whether you can get it through interlibrary loan. To learn more about interlibrary loan, click here. It's a great way to get craft books.

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