Getting Closer

I am within sight of the finish line on the herringbone bracelet I'm making, however, I ran into a couple of snags. Literally.

The first happened Saturday. My daughter was napping, so I hauled out my bracelet and worked on it for about an hour. Then, with evening approaching, I decided to wake her so that we could go for a walk before it got dark. (She LOVES going for walks.) I set the tray table I was working from off to the side, woke her up, got her in the stroller and left.

When we got back home, I set her down inside the house then turned to make sure the front door, which has settled a little, was closed completely.

When I turned back around toward her, she already had the bracelet in her hand. The string was both over her shoulder and up under her armpit. I don't know how she got it so tangled so quickly.

With that straightened out, I folded it up and packed it away to take to work with me. When I took it out during my lunch break, I could tell the braiding within the bracelet itself had tangled in transit. I still haven't gotten that lined out yet, but once I do, I'll add some extra stitching so that the same thing doesn't happen to anyone who buys it later.

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