My Go-To Guy Couldn't Unravel It Either

I spent the bulk of my lunch "beading time" trying to undo the tangled mess my herringbone bracelet has become. After an explanation of what I'm trying to do, I let my husband have a shot.

He can't figure it out either, which bums me out a bit because I was hoping a fresh set of eyes could figure out what order the strands should be in.

I'm running out of time before the next festival arrives, and I want to get more beadwork made to take with me. I don't have the time to keep trying to figure out how this went together. And really, I don't understand why it doesn't just fall back into place. The black bracelet I made in the same style wouldn't do this.

I think I need to just set it aside for a few days, and just not plan on having it ready to sell anytime before the holidays.


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