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Store Decor

Earlier today, I was browsing my Etsy shop and comparing it with those of some other sellers. I noticed that mine looks far more sparse than I had realized. It needs some dressing up, though I'm not sure what all to include.

I had started a banner for it a few days ago, but I made it the wrong size initially, and when I went back to resize it, I couldn't get the software to do what I wanted it to do.

Another Site for Sellers

I recently stumbled across another site through which I could sell my beadwork, too, but unlike Etsy, it doesn't have any listing fees and it doesn't take a percentage of what sells. That means less overhead and the ability to lower my prices some

I've signed up to be a seller, and I'm now working on building my shop. I don't want to just abandon Etsy. It gets a lot of traffic, and until recently, I had never heard of the other site -- StorEnvy. But I have decided to try a little experiment. Right now, I have three items listed on Etsy. So, the next three items I complete, I plan to list on my StorEnvy site. Both sites give sellers a report on how much traffic they're getting. Whichever store seems to get the most traffic, that's the one I'll keep.

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