Well, I'm Done With That Festival

I spent what spare time I could last week trying to finish up the bracelets I was working on. I didn't get finished, but as it turned out, it didn't matter. The arts and crafts festival was very poorly attended. I sold nothing, but then, that's to be expected when there are more vendors than attendees.

But anyway, onward and upward. Now I know not to mess with that festival again. And the weekend wasn't a total waste. I had a nice time anyway. I just wish the festival had been better attended. (Although, if more people had come through but I had still sold nothing, I'd be rethinking this little hobby of mine.)

The Upside of the Arts & Crafts Festival

The good news is that by seeing the work of other people, I had a few more ideas of the kinds of things I can do with my own beadwork. One woman used little mini baskets as pendants for her necklaces. They were so cute! I'm not going to steal her idea, but perhaps I can find my own way to incorporate basket weaving into my jewelry.

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