Time for Beading

I still haven't had a chance to work on any crafts lately (hence the lack of posts) but I'm hopeful that will change soon.

My work schedule has changed so that my daughter won't need to go to daycare at all most weeks. However, my husband and I are planning to take her for a few hours a week anyway so that she stays familiar with the other kids and staff there. On the occasions when she does need to go, we don't want her totally freaked out because enough time had passed since the last time she was there that she doesn't remember the place at all.

On those days when she's at daycare and I'm home alone, I plan to get some work done. It won't be tons of time, and truth be told, I feel a little guilty about sending her to daycare while I'm sitting at home, but I look forward to being able to get a few projects done.

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