Crafts Case on Hand

My daughter and I went to my parents' house Saturday to take my dad a belated Father's Day gift, but once we got there, I found out my dad had to work. So we hung around until he got off work. In total, we were there for seven hours, a rather lengthy visit for me these days.

When my daughter's nap time rolled around, I rocked her to sleep. Then wished I had brought my beads with me so I could work on a project during her nap while I visited with my mom and other family members.

Therefore, I've decided to keep a mini craft case in my car, just in case I find myself in a place where I unexpectedly have time to bead again. I doubt the opportunity to bead on the go arises very often, probably not even once a month. But those moments when I can are so few and far between right now, I'd like to take them when I can get them.

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