Long Lost Bead Project

On Friday, as I was getting out of my car when I got home, I spied a string of herringbone beading on the ground in the driveway. I have a vague memory of losing it months ago as I was getting my daughter out of the car one night when I got home from work. Her car seat or her shoe or something had snagged on it, and it pulled completely out of my craft bag. It was dark, so I left it. By now, I figured some gust of wind must've carried it away, but nope. A good chunk of the string had been mashed down into the mud between the seams in the concrete.

I've just tossed the whole thing into the trash. At the very least, it's been rained and snowed on while it languished in the drive way, so I figure it's probably not wise to wear it.

However, finding it did give me a rather big boost back into beading mode. I have some ideas for making beaded figures, but that's something I've never attempted before. I am in the mood to try something new.

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