"Pin" Spirations

As I am with most social media, I am a late comer to Pinterest. I set up an account a few years ago, surfed the site a little, pinned a few things, but ultimately decided I just didn't get it. So I stopped visiting the site.

Over the past month, I've been spending time on Google+ and through a few connections there, I've found my way back to Pinterest. This time around, though, I have a much better understanding of how the site works, and I've learned that it has a wealth of information and inspiration, and not just for beaders. I found projects that incorporate resin and needled felt and even a few my toddler and I could do together.

On the home decorating front, I've also found a clever and stylish tips such as using a wine rack to hold towels, tea cups as shades and turning a dresser into a bench.

Readers on Pinterest who would like to connect with me there can find me at http://pinterest.com/catie70. I'd love to see what inspires you, too.

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