The Fluke That Made Me Smile

Magnifying Glass and Twin Two-Hole Beads
I've been away from blogging for a few weeks while I work on a freelance project, but now, finally, I have the bulk of the work behind me. On Monday, feeling ready to shift my focus back to crafts, my mom and I stopped in at a bead shop we had never visited before. It's Whimsy House of Beads in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and we just happened to see the sign for it as we were driving past. To add to our happy coincidence, the shop is normally closed Mondays, but the owner decided to open her doors as she waited for UPS to make a delivery.

The store isn't huge, but it's full of beads and beading supplies without being cluttered. The photo above shows a couple of my purchases -- a magnifier-chain holder and twin two-hole beads -- that have long been on my wish list. I also found a lot more products I didn't even know existed, such as boards for creating beaded macrame bracelets. I just bought beads, the magnifier and some spacers, but if I had more money for shopping, I could've spent a lot more. The owner was so friendly that I feel a little bad that I don't remember her name now.

The only bad thing I have to say about the store is that, like every other bead shop I enjoy visiting, it's more than an hour from my front door -- way too far to make regular trips.

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