The Icing on the Cakes

This past week, I tried my hand at a different type of craft -- cake decorating -- for my younger sister's baby shower.

I have decorated cakes only once before, just this past August for my daughter's birthday. Then, I decorated cupcakes to look like Elmo. For the baby shower, I chose something a little more complicated. I bought a Wilton cake pan in the shape of baby carriage, and chose pink and green colors. To make sure there was enough for all shower guests, I made three cakes. (I told my sis it looks like she's having triplets.)

When the cakes were finished, I wasn't all that happy with the way they turned out. There were gaps in the icing in places, and the end result, I thought, looked sloppy. If I could do it all over again, I'd give myself more time.

However, my sister was happy with them, which is what matters most. 

In the end, I learned to allow myself more time next time.

And now, back to the beads.

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