Bead Canvas -- A Preliminary Review

My wonderful husband, who reads my blog to give me feedback, surprised me with Bead Canvas, one of the few bead design software programs I mentioned in a September post.

Here's a screenshot:

Bead Canvas screenshot

I haven't had much chance to work with it yet, with the holidays, snowstorms, freezing temps and nephews' basketball games all affecting my schedule, but so far, I'm very pleased with it!

Setting the size of a project is as easy as setting up a table — set the rows and the columns — and assigning colors is as simple as dragging the tool across the cells you want. Users can change the format between brick, peyote, herringbone, loom, square and 3-drop gourd.

I haven't made any patterns I intend to make yet; I've just been tinkering, trying to see how versatile it is. Once I have more experience with it, I'll do a follow-up review.


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