Deerskin Update

Lately, I feel as if I'm having to rethink more craft projects than I'm completing.

Several months ago, I started beadwork on deerskin, a first for me. I had read that some crafters will do the beadwork on felt first, then transfer it to the deerskin while others work on the deerskin only. Thinking working directly on the deerskin would look less bulky, I skipped the felt.

Now I know I should've started with the felt. I had never stitched beads onto a surface like this, and I'm not very experienced at hand sewing at all. I was having to stick the deerskin with the needle so often to re-position stitches I had misjudged that ultimately the deerskin was getting very weak in places. Eventually, I just set it aside.

Well, I'm about ready to have another go at this -- just as soon as I get the bead crochet thing figured out. This time, I'm going to do a few things differently:
  • I will start with felt. If one day, I think I can handle doing all of the beadwork on the deerskin, I'll try it again. But for now, I know my technique needs lots and lots and lots of polish.
  • I'm going to make a traditional paper pattern. My experience (and lack thereof) so far on this project has taught me that mapping out what I want to do on the deerskin itself makes revision tough. I made a rough guess on how much seam I would need, and I really don't think I left enough room. In other words, even if I didn't have trouble with the beadwork, I probably wouldn't have been able to finish the project.
  • I'm going to use better scissors. Using dull scissors makes cutting a straight line on deerskin very difficult, and deerskin is way too pricey to be repeatedly starting over.

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