Keeping The Camera Steady

For as long as I've been beading, I've been wrestling with photographing my work. I've never been much of a photographer. Any good shots I have were the result of pure luck.

One problem I have is that I have no idea how to hold a camera steady -- an absolute must when you're trying to get a photo of tiny little seed beads. My sister-in-law suggested I get a tripod, so I've put one on my to-buy list. However, even a tripod won't stop me from accidentally moving the camera when I click the shutter button, which clumsy me does just about every time I take a photo.

So I went looking for a way to click my camera remotely, and what I've discovered is that I already have one -- on my iPhone. Did you know that clicking the "+" button on iPhone headphones will snap pictures? (Or at least it will on the iPhone 5 ... I don't know about other versions.)

Now that I've found a way to hold the camera steady, I can start working on bigger things ... like getting the colors right and composition.

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