Sorting ... Again

I've had the worst luck keeping this bead box organized. I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter had knocked the box off of the kitchen table when she first learned to walk. Thankfully, the lid was closed, but it still mixed up the beads quite a bit. So, I emptied the box and started sorting through the beads, adding them back to their respective sections.

Several months ago, my daughter picked up the box and shook it, kind of like a rattle, because it made an interesting noise. I was a little too slow to realize what that noise was, so she got them mixed up pretty good, and once again, I had quite a mess in the box.

While in the process of sorting it yet again, I left the box open on my desk and knocked it over as I was reaching for something else. Beads went everywhere into my living room carpet, so yet again, I started sorting them. I still had quite a ways to go when I knocked the box yet again, this time, it flipped just once and thankfully, the lid was on, but some mixing still occurred.

Perhaps I'm too anal about it. I know I could just pick out the beads as I need them, but I don't like not knowing whether I have enough of a certain color when I get started. So, here I am in the process of sorting them, with all other projects on hold. What's in the bowl next to it is what I have left. Hopefully, I get it finished by the end of the year.

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