Ah, Summer ... and Beading

Now that I'm a mom and my daughter is at an age when she wants to play outside often, I imagine my summers will be filled with more pools and outdoor activities than I've become accustomed to in adulthood.

Growing up, I spent summers swimming at the lake and playing softball with my siblings in the front yard. As an adult, I've spent so much time in air conditioning that just the 10-second walk to my car when I head out the door to go to work prompts me to whine about the summer heat as if it could -- literally -- melt me.

But, as I write this, I'm seated at a picnic table watching my daughter and her cousin run through the sprayground at a local park.

I have ideas for bead projects, but beading isn't generally thought of as an outdoor activity. But I think that over the next few years, I may be learning how to make it into one.

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