I've got a notion to sew a Halloween costume

Now that I'm a mother, I find myself enjoying Halloween more than I ever did as a child.

Case in point: Halloween 2015 was less than a week past when I began wondering what my daughter will wear next year. On a trip to Walmart, I sought out the Halloween leftovers and sifted through the costumes hoping to get an awesome costume — one that normally costs out of my price range — at half off.

But I know two things about my daughter that made looking through those costumes a waste of time:

  • She has growth spurts every few months. I could buy the next size up, but by next Halloween, she might be two sizes taller — or three even. (She's very tall for her age.)
  • Her tastes come and go quickly. In the week since Halloween, she's already told me that next year she wants to be Wonder Woman, then changed her mind and said, "I think I want to be Sofia the First."

Once I realized the perfect 2016 costume wasn't on the rack, I got ambitious. Despite knowing little more about sewing than I did a year ago, I've had the urge to sew again lately. So, it occurred to me that come August, when costumes begin hitting stores again, if I can't find any my daughter will like, I could make one.

I saw simple costume patterns at Walmart that could serve as a base for whatever she wants to be. However, I've got a lot of learning to do between now and then if I want to be able to do it.


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