A Halloween glow-in-the-dark pumpkin necklace

I have to give my 5-year-old some credit on this. I could tell before I even started on the pumpkin that the pony beads would make it too big for a child her age to wear as a bracelet, so I thought of making it a necklace instead. However, once I got the first row complete, I thought it would be too big for a necklace too.

But I moved forward anyway and figured I'd decide what it would be when I was completely done with it.

It was my daughter who said she wanted it to be a necklace anyway, no matter how big it wound up being. So I told her I would put a string in it so she could wear it as a necklace. I was going to make the chain in all black beads, but she suggested three black then three orange.

The end result, I think, looks pretty good. And it really doesn't look as huge as I thought it was going to, so hats off to my little girl for creative savvy.

I plan to make more, but I need to buy more beads first. The package of glow-in-the-darks I bought comes in many colors, so I'll have to dig through to see if there is enough orange left to make the pendant.

I'm experimenting with video some, too. For those who might be interested in seeing this project come together, here's the video I made of it.  https://youtu.be/_ux2zZ4dS9E

It's not a how-to and it's a little rough, but I'm still learning.

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