The sad disorder of my supplies

Getting bead supplies organized

I cannot tell you how many times lately that I've set aside, say, an hour to work on a project and then wound up spending the first 30 minutes or so trying to track down a tool, a particular bead or stringing material that I've misplaced. More often than not, I've given up and just made do without. I still don't know, for instance, where my best pair of flush cutters is.

I've organized my entire stash of beading supplies before, but that was a long, long time ago, like before my 5-year-old daughter was born by a year or so. It's definitely time to go through it all again and separate the Delica beads from the Czechs, the big-eyed needles from the leather craft ones, separate all clasps from jump rings, gather all my books into a single location, and so on.

I haven't been bead supply shopping in the last several years anywhere near as much as did a few years ago, and I've made several projects since my last order. Ideally, that should mean I have fewer things to sort, but the mess seems to be so much greater than the last time I got it all organized.

So, giving all of my supplies a home is my goal for this week. It's not a project, but a little organization will no doubt help me with any holiday projects I decide to work on going forward.

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