How my daughter spent her $20

My daughter had some spending money this past weekend, an early gift from her aunt and uncle. So the next time she and I went to our local Walmart Supercenter, I picked the groceries I needed, then she and I headed toward the toy section.

But we didn't make it that far. As we came up on the crafts section, my daughter spotted an endcap full of these pottery wheels.

pottery wheel crafts mother daughter arts
My daughter's new pottery wheel

"Oh, Mommy! Can I get that?" she asked.

I looked at the price, saw it was within the $20 she had, and told her that was fine.

"But are you sure that's how you want to spend your money? Because that's going to take all of it," I told her. "Do you want to look at the toys first?"

"I want this," she said.

I must admit, I was pleased. I've had my eye on these pottery wheels for quite some time. Several years ago, I even toyed with taking a pottery class but decided against it because of the expense and the time it would take.

While I realize this is a child's toy and not really intended to make high-end vases, I still want to give it a spin. Plus, I think it will be great for a little mother-daughter time.

Once we got home, though, my daughter asked, "What does it do?"

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