More pumpkin earrings for Halloween

As my older sister showed me the latest earrings she made, I couldn't help but laugh. Just like me, she had her mind on pumpkins. (And Frankenstein and Dracula, though she hadn't made earrings featuring those creatures yet).

Nearly all earrings my sister makes are long, dangling creations in the Native American style,* and she brought that into her Halloween earrings. Here is what they look like:

How adorable are those little pumpkin faces at the top? I also love the sparing use of turquoise-colored beads; they seem to be just the right amount of accent for the orange and black. My big sis never ceases to amaze me.

After the false starts I wrote about a couple of weeks ago, I decided to nix the idea of using square stitch in my own pumpkin earring creations because it seemed too easy to move the beads out of shape. I think this was likely because I'm not all that skilled at square stitch, since it isn't a stitch I'd used before. However, in the interest of completing a set of earrings before Halloween, I switched back to brick stitch. I also wanted bigger pumpkins, so I fired up the Beader's Canvas software my husband bought me a few years ago and mapped it all out. Then I set to work.

Here is the finished product:

I think my big sister's are more creative, but I'm happy with how mine turned out as well. My younger sister really liked them, too. I made three sets last week, and one of them is hers now.

Here's a short video I made showing the pumpkin charm as it progresses:

Interested in the earrings shown here? They're both for sale at my Etsy shop, Beadwork and Woodwinds.

*We are half Cherokee.

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