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A previous order from Fusion Beads

Where I live, bead shops are few and far between, so most of the time when I buy beads, I'm buying them from a website.

We do have some major crafts retailers — Hobby Lobby and Michaels — which don't carry the types of beads I'm looking for, as well as a few individual bead sellers, but the closest is an hour away, which means going there takes planning and taking a day off my day job.

Therefore, most of my stash comes from websites. My top 3 go-to places: Fire Mountain Gems, Shipwreck Beads and Fusion Beads, but I'm always on the lookout for a new place. Here are the three sites I'd like to try:

Harlequin Beads

This site caught my eye mainly because it has Czech Charlotte beads, which I've used in projects such as the round earrings my grandmother was seeking. I love how Charlottes shimmer, and I can't find them just anywhere. It's been long enough since I've bought Charlottes that I don't know for certain if Harlequin's prices are reasonable, but I think they are ... another plus!

Caravan Beads

Caravan doesn't seem to have the variety of Fire Mountain, Shipwreck or Fusion, but what it does have are lots and lots of Miyuki/Delica beads, which are what I use most often. I also like that they have Miyuki kits, such as one in which you can make this clever purple bat for Halloween.


This site draws me in with all of the finished projects it shows on its homepage, and something that I haven't noticed on any other site: A rewards program. I'm all about saving money when I can. Like many other online bead retailers, it also has a wide variety of projects for people looking to try something new.

Have you tried any of these sites? Or do you have a favorite not mentioned here? Please share in the comments section.

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