My daughter's first beaded ring

Kids seed bead rings, made in ladder stitch

It took her nearly a month, but my daughter finally finished the ring she began working on back in mid-April.

Her beading sessions were short, maybe 20 minutes at a time. And she insisted on having YouTube Kids playing on a smartphone as she worked on it, so because her focus was divided, she managed to complete two to five rows each time she sat down to work on it. But she stuck with it, and got it done.

The wires got rumpled, which happened to me when I first started making them, but with more practice, she'll be able to keep that from happening. She also used colors -- a dark blue and dark green -- that were a little too similar. In bright lights, you can tell the differences in the colors, but in lower light, not so much. But to me, it was the most beautiful beaded ring I've ever seen.

I just wish I'd taken a photo of it, but now it's too late. I wanted my little girl to feel proud of the work she did, so I told her someone bought it at an arts and crafts festival we recently attended, when in reality, I handed it off to my mom when my daughter wasn't looking.

She is already talking about the next one she'll make. I can't wait.

My latest video

With kids rings on my mind, I made the video below.

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