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A new light/magnifier for crafts

Books: "Making Beaded Jewelry: 11 Free Seed Bead Patterns and Projects"

Beading photography is easier said than done

Seed beads and my aging eyes

Barrettes make my to-do list

My husband lends a helping hand for Halloween

Photographing beadwork is a tricky task

More pumpkin earrings for Halloween

Trial and error: My tale of two pumpkins

Sizing a seed bead project

All eyes on Halloween ...

My Etsy shop reopens

My old journal and a charcoal pencil

"Pendant Necklaces" full of projects on my "to-try" list

"Elegant Beaded Bags" by Sonja Hood

A trip to an art museum

"Star-crossed" idea for the Fourth of July

Changes at the crafts store

My daughter's first beaded ring

Another pair of feather earrings ... and a new camera

Mother-daughter beadwork time

Pottery wheel practice

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