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I Took a Break

Photo Shoot, Take 2

Shop Talk

The Blue Bracelet

Braided Bracelets

Well, I'm Done With That Festival

Next Project -- Another Bracelet

Cutting the Strings

My Go-To Guy Couldn't Unravel It Either

So Close But Yet So Far

Getting Closer

Beading Term: Bead Stopper

A Better Camera Might Help

The Idea File

Halloween Beading

Beading Term: Patina

Beading Term: Barrel Clasps

The Bead Mix

Beading Term: Lobster Clasp

Good Feedback


A Basket Book

Beading Term: Multistrand Clasps

Aha! Here's the Scoop!

Beading Term: Design Board

Czech Twins

More Kids Bracelets

Beading Term: Bar-and-Toggle Clasp

Beading Term: Elastic Cord

Working on the Photography

Beading Term: Split Rings

Slight Change ...

Beading Term: Jump Rings

Made a Little More Progress

Back to the Old Routine

Headway ... Finally

A Little Frustration

Beading Term: Beeswax

Beading Term: Seed Bead Sizes

Lots to Do

Beading Term: Silamide Thread

Beading Term: AB finish

A Beading Movie Character

Beading Term: Translucent or Opal Beads

Beading Term: Transparent Beads

Beading Term: Opaque Beads

Festival Drawing Near

Looking Forward to Saturday

Beading Term: Bicone

Beading Term: Wire Gauge

Etsy Purchase

Beaders With a Common Goal


Etsy Debut Delayed Again

Interesting Beading Techniques

The Nameplate Update

Beading Term: Crimp Beads

Bead Term: Bugle Beads

Beading Term: Facet

Bead Term: Tigertail

Bead Term: Findings

Flush Cutters

Blast from the Past: A Beaded Choker

Etsy Delay

Etsy Debut?

New Site Up and Running

Beading During Breaktime

A New Wishlist

Photographing Can Be Tough

Beauty of Simplicity

Odds and Ends

Beading Encyclopedia

Then Versus Now

Got My Order

Tophatter Site

Time to Winnow the Stash?

Bead Books on a Budget

Give Me a D

Decisions, Decisions

"Designer Beadwork: Beaded Crochet Designs"

Beading Backlog

Trial and Error

Etsy Shop Under Construction

Starting the Ladder

Going Green

Just a Few Snips With Flush Cutters ...

Kindle Books

On To The Next Phase

Bead Shop Shuttered

"Beadwork Creates Bracelets"

100 Posts


Three Months Until Next Festival

Good Day for Beading

Odds and Ends

A Little Pink and Green

The New Kids Bracelet

Another Working Lunch

I Sold a Few Things

Things I've Learned That Help Me

I Lost a Lot of Good Beads on Wednesday

While on My Lunch Break ...

An Extra Post

Tutorial to Return Next Monday

Thunderbird Supply Co.

Bracelet Update

Tutorial Monday: Peyote Stitch-Odd Count

A Lot of Progress

Tutorial Monday: Peyote Stitch -- Even Count

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